The following are all the DICT staff members.

1 Director of CICT Prof. Camilius Sanga
2 Principal Computer Systems Analyst Mr. Kilima Juma
3 Principal Computer Systems Analyst Mr. Lazaro. A. Luhusa 
4 Computer Technologist, Assistant Webmaster Mr. Kundasen  Swai
5 ICT Officer, Assistant Webmaster Ms. Veronica Matembo
6 Senior ICT Officer Mr. Nyanda Elias Nyalusanda
7 Computer System Analyst, ICT Officer Mr. Frank Ernest Mwago
8 ICT Offficer Mr. Stambuli Mtogo
9 ICT Officer Mr. Shurbet Mkisi
10 ICT Officer Mr. Enock Ndege
11 ICT Officer I Mr. Peter P. Munisi
12 Assistant ICT Officer Ms. Evetha Ndelyaus Richard
13 Assistant ICT Officer II Mr. Marwa David Mgesi
14 Assistant ICT Officer I Mr. Greyson M.Nyombi
15 Personal Secretary I Ms. Joyce J.Mwiyola
16 Office Attendant Mr. Kide Erasto Mandike
17 Office Attendant Mr. Jackson Shoo
18 Driver Mr. Revocatus S.Rweyemamu