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DICT History

The Centre for Information and Communication Technology (CICT) formerly The COMPUTER CENTRE, was established in 1993 as the University arm for Services, Teaching, Research and Consultancy in areas of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for agriculture,veterinary medicine, forestry and allied sciences.
Since its Establishment over two decades ago the Centre has made considerable changes,improvement and achievements in a number of areas that use ICT Services and Infrastructures here at SUA. For example at its early stages the Centre was comprised of only a working office, a table and chair, and a director to plan and oversee its development.
But today the Centre’s status is different as major (ICT) advancement and achievements has been made.To mention few;
  • There are six computer training laboratories, each with about 60 computers, for undergraduate students. These are in addition to the more than 200 computers hosted in smaller postgraduate or departmental computer rooms and individual staff offices throught the university.
  • Most of the computers in the University, including those in student training/working laboratories, are connected in a local area network. Hence making it possible to shared hardware, software, and use data resources in the University.
  • The Centre offers non degree programmes which are Diploma in Information TechnologyCertificate in Information Technology and introductory courses in information technology to all undergraduate students irrespective of the degree programme they have enrolled for.
    Now as the Sokoine University of Agriculture expands and the number of students as well as staff increases, The Centre is determined to provide best and modern ICT solutions to accomplish its vision of making “SUA utilizing excellent ICT services”.

    Prof. Camilius Sanga is the current Director of The Centre for Information and Communication Technology (CICT).