Educational Technologies Section

Educational Technologies Section is a leading pioneer in providing service using Free and Open Source Software and conducting training to SUA community on the use of softwares.

We are determined to make sure that the university vision of becoming a “Centre of excellence in agriculture and allied sciences” is achieved through the use of best information and communication technologies.

The department is working hard to deliver cutting edge services and provide distinguished high tech softwares that give SUA a unique way of delivering academic services to her students and other partners.

We strive to provide best services like Student Information System, Mobile Payment System, MOODLE, Website, OS ticket, Document management System, Health information systems and so many others.

Some of our Achievements
Department of Educational Technologies achieved to provide the Mobile payment system that connects instantly CRDB and SUA in payment information of the SUA customers. This service is the first of its kind for universities in Tanzania. DET provides state of art support and maintenance to the users of the software.
Roles and Functions
  1. Development and maintenance of various information systems including those related to teaching and learning such as SUA student information system (SUASIS)
  2. Designing and Promoting e-learning. This includes pedagogy issue and e-courses design and implementation. Furthermore it support the blending of teaching and learning through face-to-face, electronic learning and mobile learning. E-learning can include instructional designing, e-learning training, content/course materials development, audiovisual experts matters.
  3. Managing video conferencing infrastructure
  4. Conducting research in computerization of Teaching, Agriculture, Learning, Research, Extension and Public services for purpose of increasing the speed of information processing, and dissemination and therefore, to enhance speed and accuracy in decision making
  5. Website Design, development and management.
  6. Managing computer laboratories and other ICT based educational infrastructure in classroom.Department of Educational Technologies (DET) strives to provide first class computer Labs that gives her users best experience and feeling on the use of computers.Department believes that best Tech Labs give best education to the students.The Department of Educational Technologies is determined to attend all complaints and difficulties of the Lab by managing every lab such that our users don’t get tired to use the labs always.