Since its inauguration thirty years ago, the Computer Centre has made considerable achievements in a number of areas. Whereas at its inception in January 1992 the centre comprised of only a working office, a table and chair, and a director to plan and oversee its development, today the centre’s status is as follows:

There are four computer training laboratories, each with about 60 computers, for undergraduate students. These are in addition to the more than 200 computers hosted in smaller postgraduate or departmental computer rooms and individual staff offices throught the university.

Most of the computers in the university, including those in student training/working laboratories, are connected in a local area network, hence making it possible to shared hardware, software, and use data resources in the university. The network is based on fibre optic backbone and is running at 100mbps.The university’s computer system is connected to the internet via Zantel Company with bandwith of 10 mbps. Hence all computers which are in the LAN are automatically connected to the internet and users can have easy access to such internet services as email, surfing, ftp, and other electronic information services.