Shubert Mkisi



 SN Certificate and Short Courses Location
  1 Diploma in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Zoom Polytechnic College Tanzania
 2 Diploma in Computing and Information Technology University of Dar es salaam Computer Centre
 3 Domestic Electrical Installation VETA
 4 Multimedia Short Course The State University Zanzibar










I Shubert Mkisi works at Sokoine University of Agriculture as ICT Officer and deals with user support in Computer Repair Maintenance, Troubleshooting of computer peripherals,
and Network infrastructure.

Mr. Shubert Mkisi, an Information Communication and Technology professional who specializes in Information Communication and Technology and Electrical. Mr.Shubert Mkisi has
extensive knowledge in Networking, CCTV Camera Installation and Maintenance, Project Designing, Installation of Computerized Machine and Maintenance, Installation of P.A System, Digital Telephone and TV system, Installation of Fire alarm system (Addressable and conventional), Domestic Electrical works, Installation and maintenance of Security devices, Installation and maintenance Earth system, Installation of Lighting Arresters, Monitors and controls the operations of a computer system and related peripheral equipment,
Monitoring fiber system ,Satellite Antenna and Multimedia.

Mr Shubert Mkisi has over 13 years of experience in Preparing BOQ and Drawings on Project, Project Leader, Project Designer and Consultant, Project Inspector, Project Executive
Local Area Network Installation (Cabling & Wireless), Fire Alarm System Installation and configuration, CCTV Camera Installation, Telephone System Installation, Public Address
System Installation, TV & Projector System Installation, Electrical and Electronics Machine.

He has also been involved in various project such as Bunena Drink Water Industry project, Kashozi Nyaigando Residential project, Roman Catholic Church Bukoba project, Walk Guard Hotel, Coffee and Drinking Water Industry (TANIKA), ITAHWA Church project, Kibombo Hospital project, TUWAKA SACCOS, Magadu Conference Hall Morogoro, Chemba District project, Mzinga corporation CCTV Camera project, Duruti Command and Staff College (CSC), National Defence College (NDC), DR.TULIA ACKSON Residential House, Camelity Primary School project, DODOMA Government City,(Ministry of Information, Culture, Arts and Sports), DODOMA Government City.(Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elders and Children), DODOMA Government City.(ministry of minerals), DODOMA Government City (WIZARA YA WAZIRI MKUU SERA NA BUNGE, DODOMA Government City (MINISTRY OF EDUCATION SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY), PHD Building (CoEBS), APOPO Building, SUA MIZENGO PINDA CAMPUS project, Mathematics Informatics & Computational Science Department Staff Office.

Currently, Mr. Shubert Mkisi develops security system (e-Dog Security Technology) by fund from HEET Project after be one of the winner in innovation concept award winner and
develop Server Security Management (SSM).