Lazaro Adolf Luhusa



 SN Degree, Certificates, and short courses Location  Time
  1 Degree, MSc Computing Science University of Groningen, Netherlands  2008 – 2010
 2 Degree, Bachelor of Science with Computer science University of Dar es salaam  2001 – 2004
 3 Short Course, Workshop on Optimization technologies for Low-Bandwidth Networks The Abdus Salaam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), Italy October 2006
 4 Short Course, Managing an Academic Network Infrastructure University of Groningen, the Netherlands  June 2005










Management of information systems and data

I have participated in establishing, management and maintenance of  various software at the University such as, Electronic   Document   Management   System (EDMS), student information system( SUASIS), SUA health information system( INAYA)  and  other  prototypes.

Development and maintenance of the University wide website (2005 up to date)

The  University  website  was  aimed  to  collect,  store  and  sharing  information  from  various scientific  research,  technology  developments  and  innovation.  As  technical  IT  team  leader, developed  and  maintained  the  University  Wide  Website  which  comprised  of  departments, colleges and projects. Combination of technologies such as Drupal, WordPress and Joomla are key technologies in the maintenance and establishment of these websites.

Management of ICT infrastructure (2005 up to date)

The University ICT infrastructure is a very large infrastructure which supports not less than ten thousands (10,000) of users (students, staff and guests).

As technical IT team leader, developed reliable, available and secured IT infrastructure. The ICT  infrastructure  has  enabled  the  University  Research  Community  to  document  research findings, to share newsletters and posters, to upload journals on online platforms, to collect research data, to assist academic reading and other academic and research issues. Various technologies  have  been  applied  such  as  the  use  of  CISCO  switches  to  create  excellent logical Local Area Network (LAN) and enhanced security.

Development and maintenance of e-repositories using DSPACE technology(2011 -up to date)

Repositories are electronic containers for documentation and sharing of information related to a scientific researches, technology and innovation.

As technical IT team leader, developed and maintained Tanzania Climate Change Information Repository (TaCCIRe).  This  repository  provides  access  to  research  information  on  climate change  relevant  to  Tanzania.  It includes a wide range of documents such as policy documents, scholarly articles, technical reports, and theses. The repository aims at enhancing accessing to documentation and information from Change, Impacts, Adaptation and Mitigation (CCIAM)   programme.   CCIAM   is   a   collaborative   programme   of   five   institutions:   Ardhi University (ARU),  Sokoine University of  Agriculture  (SUA),  Tanzania Meteorological  Agency (TMA),  University  of  Dar  es  Salaam  (UDSM)  in  Tanzania and  Norwegian  University  of  Life Sciences (NMBU).

Also developed SUA Institutional repository (SUA IR). This repository was aimed to collect, preserve and disseminate scholarly output generated by University research community (staff and students) members.  This repository hosts a variety of openly accessible materials including: scholarly articles and books, theses and dissertations, conference proceedings and technical reports

Outreach activities

Created Software Requirement Specification (SRS) and software Design Document (SDD) for the establishment of the following information systems at Ministry of Education Science and Technology (MoEST) and Tanzania Institute of Education (TIE) respectively

Scholarship portal
School accreditation system
Identification and promotion of inventions, innovations and traditional knowledge practices
Teachers admission system

Publication distribution portal
Revenue management system